Sum Up Sunday #58

This weekend I am laying dock side (hopefully) at the lake my family has been going to since I was little.  My sister learned to walk here, my brother learned to fish, but I'm not quite sure what I've learned.  I guess I've learned the value of tradition, of family, & the importance of togetherness.  So while I'm sitting dockside on a float trying not to melt or die, I thought I'd share with you my week according to instagram...as nothing incredibly exciting has happened this week.

I got to pet one of these guys a few weeks ago at the Conservation Cove in the water park we go to.  I was tough, I wasn't scared....and he was cute :)
Sitting at the wave pool at the water park.  It pays to have a season pass.  Going afterwork is the best.
I listed sooo many things in the shop this week...so I rewarded myself.  Sushi is the best.
Speaking of the shop, I got back to the studio this past week & used up 25lbs of clay in no time.  Too bad I'll be at the lake so I can't get into the studio this Sunday! I have to wait until Monday.
These came out of the kiln this week.  You can pick 'em up here.
And, a close up of my opal ring.  I love this.  Best gift ever!
The babiest of baby bird here at the lake.  They are up in the window sill behind the awning, peep, peep, peeping away!
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I hope you have a great weekend.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Sushi is definitely the best! And Black Opal is my favourite stone ever. It's so beautiful xxxx


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