Monthly Thrift Tip // Try Everything On

Can you believe it's the middle of the month already? I have been so busy packing that it just creeped up on me! In fact, I have like 10 days to finish packing....here's hoping I get it all done!

This month's tip is to try everything on.  You don't know how many times I've gone in a fitting room (or stood in the aisle!) trying 30 things on.  No. Lie.  Why is important to try everything on? I'll tell you:

Sizing is Different - Thrift stores carry loads of items from so many different eras.  Because of this sizing is soooo different.  You may think you wear a 14 but if you try that on, don't be surprised if it's too tiny! (it's happened to me!) Also, if something is labeled as small but you think it will fit you...try it on.  The more you try on, the more you'll leave with.  

Finding a New Style - Since Thrift Stores have different sizes, you never know what you'll find.  I have two polyester (yikes!) dresses that I found that I like because I tried one on.  I tried it on, decided I liked the cut of the dress & knew I could probably find more of them.  So now I have two found on different days.

A New Project to Work on - Going thrifting means you'll find a lot of stuff that would be awesome if it just had a small alteration.  Thrfiting skirts that are a bit too long will give you reason to bust out the sewing machine you've been neglecting or try a new restyle you've seen around.  That dress may be too big but you can practice hemming & taking things in this weekend & then blog about it, right?

The most important thing about this is to dress like you are going to try everything on.  Sometimes there aren't dressing rooms so you'll have to slip on a dress over your clothes.  I've found that layers & dresses are a no go for this!  Usually I try to wear a tank top, or a tank top under my tee shirt,  leggings or jeans, & slip on shoes. That way if you're in a pinch you can throw clothes on over it & look in a mirror.

Don't be ashamed! Do you want a great dress or not? Sometimes you have to throw it on in an aisle & hope for the best!

Do you go in the dressing room arms full or are you more stingy?

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  1. I absolutely love thrifting! And I'm definitely the girl you'll see waltzing into the dressing room with arms full, hangers dragging, and pants tossed over my shoulders. When I shop, it's a party.



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