Fan Friday #66

It's Friday y'all & these days couldn't pass soon enough.  There is a chance that I might be seeing Zach a bit sooner than what we originally thought...he may be coming this way for work.  We'll see...

As you can see by the dumb count down clicker I have there in the bottom of the side bar, I am very anxious & excited to get this move over with.  I am still packing a bit & am hoping to get everything together soon.  This weekend I'll be helping Katie move into her new house & hopefully packing up more of my things.  I think that her moving out before me is really going to show me what is mine & what is hers!  Then I just have to kick my but in gear & do it!

Today also kicks off Epic Moe Weekend which happens to be a 3 day event starting with dinner at the best Mexican place in Williamsburg tonight, dinner at the best Chinese place in Williamsburg followed by Pirate Golf on Saturday, then the weekend concludes with Mug Night at the best bar in Williamsburg on Sunday.  Can't wait for the food coma.

Anyway, here's what I'm loving this week:

Katie from Muddy Pup Pottery shows us how she used her logo doodle as a great error page.  She's got a DIY & everything! I love this because she translated her hand drawn doodle into different parts of her site.  How nifty!

This Junk Mail Art DIY from Mod Podge Rocks is so cool! Turn all those fliers into something wall worthy.  I don't know when Zach & I will be getting our first junk mail but I am all sentimental like that & I'll probably turn it into art!

This post on Shrimp Salad Circus showed me things I didn't even know I could do with Blogger or Facebook! While I see Facebook as a necessary evil, I at least feel like I am taking advantage of what it has to offer now!

Link Love
++ I've been thinking about cutting my hair like this but it's not curly & I'd have to curl it everyday to make it look right.  Unless.....I got a perm (??)  Has anyone ever gotten a perm? Is it worth it? I just love those bangs! ++

++ More Fonts to Love....I can't keep track of the ones I've downloaded.  I just love finding them so much though! ++

++ Jen from Motu Viget has this feature called Why Not? where she just asks you to do something because...well...why not? I think you should do one thing, each day, that scares you.  Because, why not?++

++ Miss KB's August Call for sponsors is just darling.  The image she uses is perfect!  I can't decide if I should go ahead with another month..she's just been so sweet to me!++

++ If you'd like to sponsor Five Sixteenths for August, let me know! I've got all the Medium spots open & some small spots.  Check it out here & let me know! ++

Phew.... I can't wait to be in Michigan..I really can't.  I am loving also that my countdown is counting down! :) I just can't wait.  Who wants to come help me finish packing?

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. i keep a google calendar with a posting schedule for my feature posts and i plan posts. when i secure a guest post, i save it as a draft and schedule it so that i can plan for it well and see it when i post. it makes it SO much easier.

    <3 katherine
    current giveaway on of corgis & cocktails

    1. You are so right! I've been scheduling posts for a while now...makes the month planning soooooo much easier! I used to write 3+ posts a week after scheduling reoccurring things. Now I am trying to get it down to 1! That way I can focus on other things :)

      Thanks so much for popping by!


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