The Anatomy of a Work Outfit

I have loved working for the small school that hired me over a year ago.  My time here has been so awesome.  The best part about working for a small business is the freedom you have to use your skills.  I've been so lucky to be able to say that I designed a totally cohesive look for this school from application, to brochure, to catalog, it's been amazing!  These things need to go into my portfolio here soon & I am just so proud of myself.

Working for a small school that appreciates creativity means I don't have to necessarily wear the stuffy nice suite to work.  I can be more free & creative with my professional outfits.  I've always loved getting dressed & pairing unexpected things together so I thought I'd share a bit about what goes into my normal work outfits.  These outfits also happen to be things I'd wear in my everyday life.  I do really love to look put together!
Work Outfit 2

Rugged Chic
A usual work day outfit consists of a nice skirt, top, & cardigan.  I've mentioned before my love of cardigans & how I think they flatter shape (though I may be totally wrong!).  This sort of outfit is my favorite.  I love how relaxed yet professional it is. Skirts & cardigans are the most comfy for me, no dress pants or blazers please.  I try to spice it up with a belt and shoes & this outfit to me looked a bit outdoorsy-office.  Focusing on nature & our interactions with it is important to the school so I find reflecting that sort of bit in my wardrobe gives off a nice feel when people come in for services, class, or to tour.

Casual Friday
Usually I wear jeans (dark ones) to work once every few weeks.  This is usually near laundry day!  I find that for the most part you can get away with dark jeans as professional pants in an environment like mine.  Professional jeans (as I call them) don't have holes, rips, glitter, or any weird stuff (that's right, I said glitter).  I usually pair it with a nice top & good shoes.  The whole idea is to look professional with out letting anyone know that you know it's Friday or that you haven't done laundry.  I know that a lot of places you can't get away with jeans...but if you can do it, I would do it :) sometimes they are just so comfy!

On my Monday's off & even on the weekends I still try to dress with a sort of professionalism.  It's been a bit hot around these parts so sometimes I just have to break out the shorts & tank tops to survive.  I find that getting dressed as if I am going to work on Monday puts me in the mindset for staying at home & working on Five Sixteenths stuff.

I like getting dressed & looking well put together in everyday life so if I ever run into a potential client (or maybe reader) I have my best foot forward.  It's ok to dress down sometimes, but how we look determines how other interact with us for the most part.  I'd like to give the impression that I take time to look put together & don't just run out of the house with my PJs.  Even in college I dressed well & one day I showed up in a sweat shirt & PJ bottoms to the studio & my professor nearly dropped her coffee.....she couldn't believe it!  Giving off confidence & put together-ness has helped me reach both personal & business related daily goals.  I like to put my best dressed foot out the door each day!

How do you dress for work? Do you dress the same outside the office? 

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  1. This is such a great post! I love the dark jeans & shirt combo outfit, I think I can get away with that at work on Fridays. I have wearing 'work' trousers, I'm convinced they feel exactly like 'school' trousers, yuerrrk.


  2. cardis are my go to for the office! and skirts. i never wear pants anymore. i work in a creative environment so i am lucky and can wear some versatile things like this too.

  3. I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award today!! Check it out:



  4. I always like to dress fancy when I'm not working, mainly because at my job, you're required to wear a uniform. Since I can't wear nice clothes to work, I wear them everywhere else! I can't tell you how many times people stop to ask me "What are you all dressed up for?"


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