Summer Bucket List

I am not really big on coming up with things I'd like to do when it comes to seasons, etc.  A while ago I posted about my favorite things to do in the fall but since this Summer is the last summer I'll be around VA for good, I thought I needed a Summer Bucket List of sorts.  I thought about including a great big challenge & daring myself to ride all the roller coasters at Busch Gardens.....but I would not do it!

Here are somethings I've been working on to make this last month in VA awesome & the end of the summer up north super cool:

- Take loads on instax pictures & make another album
- Wreck a disposable camera & take pictures with it
- Spend 4th of July with the family at the lake
- Use my amusement park pass at least 8 times
- Have a picnic
- Have my dad do a photo shoot with my sister & I
- Spend time with my Grandma
- Visit my Grandaddy's grave more
- Make memories on Lake Michigan
- Go antiquing with Zach
- Get off my phone more
- Have a BBQ before we move out of our town house
- Go to the beach
- Soak up as much sun as possible while sitting on a float in the pool or off the dock.
- Drink RC cola & sweet tea
- Lay in the grass
- Experience the summer & not just photograph it
- Drive solo (maybe) up north to meet Zach

I am excited to embark on this moving adventure.  There are a lot of emotions rolling around in my head & my heart about this adventure.  But the more I think about it, the more excited I get.  I've been thinking about making this journey myself.  About loading up a UHaul hitching my car to the back & driving (solo) up north.  But financially I am unable to do it solo.


I think if I did it myself it'd be sort of a Coming of Age thing for me, sort of a welcome to real life challenge. I've heard a load of my friends just pack up their cars & leave and I wonder what it feels like to drive solo to your destination.  If I did it, I think I'd feel like I can do anything.  Just Rita (the Buick Regal) & I sewing up that dotted line.

What's on your summer bucket list?

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  1. I want to do a summer bucket list too, but A) I'm not creative enough to think of anything and B) I probably would forget and not do them anyways. But I love this idea and definitely should mull it over :)


  2. I love making to do list and things I want to do come summer time. Sad thing is I always find I don't have time to do any of them when summer comes. I like that you have experiencing summer and not just taking photos of it on your list. Good goal! :D

    1. I know what you mean..Summer does seem to be a busy time! But, you can experience it & not just photograph it too! The best memories are made that way :) :)

  3. This is such a great list! I'm sure you'll have a great summer. x

  4. I love your bucket list, your puppy is so cute!


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