Fan Friday #64 // Boost Your Blog Edition

Sometimes I feel like I can never find anything super dooper awesome & oh so totally cool to share with you on Fridays.  In the past, I've featured things that relate to each other but recently I've been featuring just a little hodge podge of things from around the web.  But this Friday I am oh-so-stoked to share with you some really cool BYB (Boost Your Blog) stuff I've found around the web lately.

There are so many resources to make your blog super awesome with out a designer & since I like everyone to learn I thought I'd share with you some Blog Boosting specific posts:

Kira from Her New Leaf shows you how to make Fan Only Content for your Facebook followers.  I just got back on Facebook after pledging to delete it because I knew I should have one for my business.  This is a tip I can't wait to try out.  (If you'd like to follow Five Sixteenths blog & shop on facebook...click here!)

I love this post called Blogging Wisdom & A Fresh Start on Making Nice in the Midwest.  I love the part about advising to Stop Planning & Start Doing.  Even though I am an advocate of the blog planner I also advocate getting your nose out of your calendar & doing things!  The more you do, the more you'll have to blog about!  There is a ton of advice to try out & I love when bloggers share their experience.  It's important to me when bloggers share their journeys and show me that they are human.  After all, it's your blog...do what ever you want with it!

If you're looking for a cool tutorial to spruce up your blog, try this doily tutorial from Natalie Jost at Olive Manna.  I don't know how she figured this out but I am stunned!

Arvee at Flutter happy shared this really cool tutorial about making a colored search bar on your blog! I totally did it (as you can see there in the side bar).  The only thing I did different for blogger is pasted the CSS listed in the post under the ADVANCED setting of the TEMPLATE DESIGNER.  The instructions didn't work for me.  But I totally love it! Just change the CSS where it says background:#FDF2F0; pThe # is the hex value of a color...so find a color you love & paste it's hex value there.  I love using Colour Lovers for this. 

Links Loved

++In case you missed it, yesterday Jen from Motu Viget shared this totally awesome Map DIY with us.  I couldn't believe how cool it was! Who knew? She also posted on her own blog earlier this week about Tokyo Disneyland....Awesome! I hope I get to meet this fab chick when she heads back the US.  We'll be closer when I move up north!++

++Amber from Sooner Surrender not only shared some lovely bedroom inspiration (here, here, here, & a few others!) but she's also inspired me with this post on appreciating the things, people, & opportunities in her life.++

++Kristin redesigned her blog (I may have mentioned this last week) & I love it.  She's one cool chick. Another girl on my list of awesome bloggers to meet!++

++This advice on whether you should finish a degree you don't like & if you should go another path after graduation.  It focuses on finding a path into the Fine Arts.  I want to know if anyone has started a business with school loan debt? I am looking into going further with my business before the end of the summer but I don't want to lose everything!++

Hope you've enjoyed your week.  This weekend I am heading down to hang out with my Gramma & my aunt at the lake.  So hopefully I'll be lounging dock side on a floaty getting tan!  Happy weekend!

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  1. Ooh, this morning was fun. I made a doily AND put that cool search bar on my blog!

  2. Thanks for the link love! :)

    Looking forward to another sponsorship month!

    xoxo Amber


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