Fan Friday #60

Well, howdy.  Can you believe it is June already? I can't.  I am in no way prepared for it at all!  Being sick last week has really thrown off my schedule.  I haven't been able to finish two out of the three eCourses I was working on, but I will try to finish the last one up tonight (just to keep with the release date you know...)  They are up! If you've been wanting to know how to make your own Social Network Icons I've put together a little eCourse for you! Click here to find out more.  Also, there is a free horizontal navigation text menu Min eCourse available, for Free!

Here's some things I've been loving this week:

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Zach & I have been using Pinterest to plan out our house together.  We both have an incredible dislike for  each other's design styles & Pinterest is giving us a great way to discuss what we like & what we don't like.  If you'd like to see the whole board, click here.  It's taken a while to agree on even some elements of each of the photos above.
These pretty cool & funky crocheted lampshades from Atmosphere Lamp Shades. Felicia from A Flower of the Sky is the owner & I just can't get over how rad these are.

Janelle from Nelle Creations shared this awesome DIY crop top for summer.  I love this trend but don't have the shape for it.  I wonder if I can convince my sister she needs one just so I can make it??

My love of iPhone photo apps just got more intense after reading this post about a zillion apps on Kris Atomic.  If you ever wanted to know which are great & which aren't, this is a good post to start at!  I found this link through Pugly Pixel (a really great blogging resource, btw!)

Links Loved
++Alycia from the Curious Pug shared this awesome graphic of how to get hired.  It is so true!++

++I started a Pottery pin board so I could have some inspiration when I started my pottery class again.  I can't wait to get my hands into some clay! The class breaks for like a month & I really need it to start up soon.  I also can't wait to get to my own kiln!++

++Looking at these dreamy photos.  I'll let you in on a secret, one of my sponsors in June is my Dad & little brother-from-another-mother.  Their photography is just breath taking!  If you're interested in a print, just click on the images to view sizes & order.  And, if you're local to VA in the Hampton Roads area...consdier them as a great photography team for events & photo shoots!++

++I am loving all the DIY's on Sincerely Kinsey.  They are getting me pumped for Summer!++

++This vintage image.  Being a secretary is fun...mainly because I don't have to take work home with me.++

++This is something I'd like to be able to say someday++

++Found another link: Victoria of Pistol Daisie is singing my life with her words.  I love the way her blog has become! Take a peep!++

On my end there's been a lot of frustration about moving since I am still just a bit out of college.  I think I'd have to put some of my stuff in a POD & then I'd have to store it for like a month and I just don't know how to afford these things!  However, I am excited as heck to move...minus all the crappy stuff you're never really happy about...

Also you'll notice some awesome new sponsors on the left there & if you're viewing in IE you'll see that the ads are all in a grid now & not all funky-wunky.  Internet Explorer throws me for a loop every time....like the fact that for some reason my navigation links have started stacking at the top, wtf is that?  So I guess I'll design a new header this weekend & try my hand at something new.

What have you been loving this week?

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  1. Thanks for featuring me! :)


  2. Thanks Moe for featuring my lampshade!


  3. Thanks for the link to the entry with all the iphone photo apps! There are a gazillion to choose from and if I want to try something different than instagram, this'll get me going!

    Also, you should totally give Google Chrome a try as a web browser. I was totally all for internet explorer until someone told me to try Chrome. Now I can't use anything else. It's amazing!

    1. I totally use Google Chrome!! I think everyone should!! The thing about building a blog though is sometimes things don't translate right across browsers :( so what looks good in Google Chrome looks like crap in IE! lol

      and IE is 20-something percent of my views...don't want to alienate!!

      Also, I think snapseed is on that iPhone photo app list & it's free today!! yay!!

  4. I really need to sit down with my husband so we can both look over Pinterest. We disagree on everything decor-related too! I have more of an I guess masculine retro style, and he loves Kirklands (sort of a role reversal there!). But I am confident that he could be won over to my side if I could just let him see what it all looks like put together!


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