Trend Tuesday // Three Stripes You're Out

So, I think it was last Tuesday where I mentioned I was going rename the Tempted Tuesday feature here on the blog.  At first I thought I'd just leave it nameless but still post trends I am loving.  Then Trend Tuesday hit me.  Same great stuff, new name.

I can't believe how sick I was last week.  I am still getting over it & in fact don't really know what went on at work the other day because I was so out of it! Missing two days is really going to put a damper on this paycheck but hopefully I'll be able to still save up to move with Zach here in the coming months.  If anyone has any cross country moving calculation tips, I would totally appreciate them!! (But if you wanna help out, please consider shopping at the Five Sixteenths Shop or checking out my Online Yard Sale.  I'd appreciate it!)

Anyway, this Trend Tuesday I am totally loving stripes.  Stripes aren't the best choice for my body shape, especially horizontal ones, but I still dig them just the same.  A great way I am going to incorporate stripes into my wardrobe is with nail art & accessories.  I do have one horizontal striped dress that I totally love, but all the other stripes will probably be on a slant.  One of my fave slant striped dresses is from Target.  I need to get back into taking outfit shots.  It's much easier when Zach is around!

3 Stripes & You're Out

I am loving all of the striped accessories.  Like I said, that is the simplest way to work a trend into your outfits especially if you don't have a lot to spend.  I would totally even DIY some of these with paint & masking tape:

Straw Hat // Have a hat from last year that needs a bit of a pick me up? if it's in a solid color, consider taping off strips & hand or spray painting a new pattern.  Pick a bold color for a statement or a neutral to go with everything!

Beach Bag //  You can pick up a plain canvas tote from the craft store or repurpose an old one for this.  Again tape off stripes & paint.  If you have a tote that has text or a print on it, water down your paints or spray one even coat of a light colored paint to let the text show through.  Place a piece of cardboard in your tote so the paint doesn't bleed through

Striped Flats // Old canvas flats take on new life with a few taped off stripes.  Do it only on the toe for added interest.

Spruced up Sunnies // I have an old pair of sunnies that need a make over!  Take paint pens or your good ol trusty spray paint & masking tape combo & have at it.  Paint stripes only on the frames or only on the arms to spice it up.

Striped Tee //  Spice up your plain old white tee (or pink or green or yellow) with a fresh set of stripes by taping off large stripes in a horizontal, vertical, or slant pattern.  Place a piece of card board in the shirt to stretch the canvas & prevent bleed throughs.  Stand a good bit away (probably 3 or 4 feet) & spray a light misting of a neon color spray paint.  Let the droplets fall for a cool paint splatter effect.

Beach Bangles // Have an old wooden bangle? Found a cool plastic bangle at a thrift store? (Or did you pick one up from the Online Yard Sale?) Then tape that sucker off & give it a good coat of spray paint.  Hand paint different colored stripes in acrylic paints then give it a good seal with a spray sealant.

How about that? 6 ways to Stripe Out your wardrobe.

Do you like that pun? See what I did there?

What trends are you loving this summer? How do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?

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