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This week seemed to be a busy week for me.  I feel like I didn't do anything but it took so much energy to get through the week.  I think it's because at the beginning of the week, after I announced the blogging 101 ebook project, I used all day Monday to start writing the intro & the first section.  Since I've given myself a month per section timeline, I really want to stick to it & be able to have time to revise it all before I am satisfied.  So Monday night I was up until probably 1am writing away, which made me tired on Tuesday for work & pottery.  Then I was tired on Wednesday because I couldn't nap on Tuesday & was up talking with Zach.  Wednesday evening I had kitchen band, and the cycle just kept going all week.  Any way, some photos of this week according to my phone:

Zach's been doing a lot of Garage Sale hopping these past few weeks & I can't believe the things he finds sometimes! He always has the keenest eye.  He's also really good a haggling...I get to embarrassed.  So far I've gotten from him: this train case like my pink one for $5, a typewriter above & below for $5, a decanter for $3, some other tiny luggage things for $3.  He's found so much already including an old apothecary set.  I am thinking we need to open up our own vintage shop but I know that I'll probably just hoard everything!
All of this stuff above is from Friday & Saturday's trip out

I also sat & made some last minute business cards for an art show today.  The Kid Made Modern line at Target is super cute & I knew I had to get my hands on some of that tape.  So when I needed to make some business cards (so much for my branding mission right?) I felt inspired to pick some up.  A tutorial is coming soo, too!

I have only a little bit of pottery left since my aunts & grandma bought it all up when I showed it to them, so I decided to bust out the jewelry & start making more.  Jewelry is a fun past time for me but I've never had much success with it in the shop.  I think I need to try to get into more brick & mortar shops & should have submitted things to the Honeybean when I had a chance!!!  I spent a lot of Friday night making earrings, pricing things, and making up packaging.  Here's a sneak peak into that:
I hope that a lot of pieces sell! Momma needs some new supplies & to invest back into the business!!! C'mon sales!

I also mastered keeping my hair curled.  I was so proud!  My first attempt made me look like the mom from That 70's show.  It was super crazy looking!  But for the Beer Fest on Saturday I achieved a beautiful curly head of hair :) 
I am so excited to have a head full of curls.  It takes a bit of time in the morning but I am loving it.  At first  I was using a mini flat iron to do flat iron curls but they weren't full enough so I got a cheapo 3/4 of an inch curling iron from target.  It was about 10 bucks & I love it!  I can't wait to keep on keeping on.

I also want to say thanks so much for commenting on the Blogging 101 ebook post and the Blogging Positively post.  I appreciate your input, feed back, concerns, etc.  I really like being able to interact with you all.  It makes my day!  I read every comment and love everyone!!  Y'all rock!  Some of the feed back from the Blogging 101 ebook post are going to be made into Boost Your Blog posts here on the blog.  But Each comment will be addressed in the book as well!

What did you do this weekend?  Anything fun?

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