Sponsor Call June 2012 // 5 Reasons to Sponsor 5/16

Howdy, howdy! Today is the day that I officially open up sponsor spots for June.  However, like always, if you are ever interested in the middle of a month, by all means send me an email!

Today I'd like to share with you 5 reasons to sponsor Five Sixteenths.

Sponsorships make Friends //  Do you want a cool friend?  I know I do!  Do you want  more cool friends? Yep, so do I! Sponsoring 5/16 means that you are introduced to a bunch of new people each month.  New followers, new commenters, new awesome people.  I do my best to promote the heck out of you so that you meet more rad people.

Frequent Interactions //  I post on Five Sixteenths at least 5 times a week.  Sometimes two times a day.  The posts reach hundreds of awesome people looking for awesomeness through many social networks.  I also promote your posts!  If it's awesome, I'll tweet it.  If I love it, I'll mention it.  That's what Fan Fridays are for right?

Full Circle // You sponsor me, I sponsor others.  The more rad you are the more rad-er blogs I'm gonna sponsor.  All sponsorships go full circle meaning that I don't profit from your hard earned & carefully spent sponsorship money.  I turn right around & hand it over to stinking awesome blogs to get you more traffic.

You Help me Help You // By sponsoring Five Sixteenths you let the world know you're here.  You help me help you get noticed.  There are zillions of blogs out there buried under zillions of posts.  Help me help you break out & stand out by putting an interesting & expressive button on my sidebar.

Perfect Spot, Perfect Price // There is a spot to the left there named Sponsors & Friends.  If you don't want to be there, then that spot is empty! Get your hands on some lovely sidebar real estate at an awesome price!  In fact, for the month of June I am extending some offers!
XL ad space - Usually $12 a month is now at a 10% off discount.  What? Yes, you heard right!
Medium ad space - Usually $8 a month is at a 10% off discount now, too! Want to book more than just one month to get more exposure? I've got some package deals too! 
Small ad space - Up for swaps! let me know if you'd like to swap your button with me.  Only requirement is that a Five Sixteenths button is on your blog!
So there you have it.  Top 5 reasons to sponsor Five Sixteenths. Now shoot me an email if you're interested!

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