Some New Apps I Need to Master

I mentioned my addition to camera apps in my Guilty Pleasures post& thanks to Maryam and Amy Morby I am totally into Gifture & Cinemagram.  I don't have any clue how to use them properly.  But I am totally digging everyone's creations.  Gifture is the hardest for me to use because I can't get motions fluent enough.  Cinemagram seems easy if you have like a TV or mirror or something with defined edges like the image below.  Otherwise all mine come out like crap!!

But a lot of other people have blown bubbles, have their hair blowing, are wiggling their toes, etc.  I just can't get it! 

But here's a cinegraph of my on my lunch break watching ghost shows (another guilty pleasure!):

It's pretty cool if you can get em to work right! If you're interested my name on both is the same as twitter & instagram - @fivesixteenths.  So find me why don't you & let me see your beautiful GIFs :) :)

I am also getting set up & ready for an art show/sale/fair type of deal in Williamsburg.  So if you are in the VA area & looking for something to do, come on out to Second Sundays. I'll be there!

Any more camera apps I should download?

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  1. That is totally cool!!! I've seen those types of GIF's and I'm dying to know how to do it- must check those links and try for myself one of these days!


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