My Summer 2012 Essentials - Dressing for my Body Type

A little while ago, before Zach left, I posted about my Weekend Requirements when going on a little weekend getaway.  Unfortunately we never got around to taking a little trip before he left as we had a lot of packing up to do for him.  As the warm weather creeps closer I am slowly but surely breaking out of the shell of winter.  That means taking care of my skin in prep for slightly bare arms, shaving my legs, and busting out the bathing suits.  

I've mentioned before that I have a rather modest sense of style.  I don't like to show too much arm, or leg, or skin, etc.  This is one because I don't feel comfortable with parts of my body showing too much because of my plus size stature and two because my shape is flattered more if i have bits and pieces covered up.  Hence no shorty-shorts, a one piece bathing suit instead of a bikini, and often the use of light weight cardigans.  I like my shirts to fall close to my elbow & rely heavily on the camisol & sheer top combination.  That way I have coverage without being hot.  I assume I am dressing right for my body type, but more importantly I am dressing in what makes me feel the best about myself!  I touched a bit on how & why I dress the way I do here.
Summer Needs

Jean Shorts, Sleeved Shirt // This type of outfit is my go to beach, shopping, running around, hanging out outfit. It's simple and relaxed, yet put together.  I am really loving the trend towards flowy sheer tops and camis underneath (which is probably what I'd pair this coral shirt with).  That style keeps you cool & covered if you're like me and don't like a lot of skin to show.  The best part of summer is if you can't think of something to wear you'll always look pulled together if you pair your jeans with a proper top - I would wear this top to work probably with a pair of khakis.  Versatility, baby!

Tank Top, Skirt // Even though I am a bit modest, I still like the sundress look.  This set gives you a pulled together look for a date, a girls day out, or a summer cook out.  I'd have a skirt that falls just above the knee and maybe a cardigan (like the one above) if I feel too bare.  The fitted waist of this shirt also gives you a feminine shape - that I love.  Floral & feminine sums up my go to summer style for dates, days out, or Summer get togethers

Swim Suit, Lightweight Cardigan, Jean Shorts // I am dying to find another swim suit in the cut & style of this yellow one.  A yellow one wouldn't be too bad, but I don't know if I can pull it off!  I like apron style swim suit is the style I go to each year because it covers my hips.  I don't feel comfortable in the swim suits that come up over my hip, but this apron style is very Marylin Monroe.  I also like it because usually the long part over your hips isn't attached to the bottoms of the swimsuit.  So when I am out on the lake, I'll throw a pair of shorts on & pull the apron part over them & it looks like a shirt!  Then toss on a really light, short sleeved cardigan.  If you have to get off the boat to go into the marina store or need to head off the pool to grab a snack, you don't have to walk around in your swimsuit.  You'll look like you're wearing clothes!

Sandals, Flip Flops // Sandals go well with your put together outfits & flip flops are great to just toss on your feet fresh off the boat, beach, or out of the pool.  I love a good pair of sandals that can take a bit of wear & tear during the summer.  I have a t-strap sandal from last summer that is still going strong.  I don't think I'll buy another pair this year (except for maybe black).  These sandals were a good investment! I also only try to buy a pair of flip flops a year.  Old Navy has the cheapest with their $1 sales usually but Target has had my all time favorite ones ever.

Bag, Scarf, Sunnies // A canvas weekend style bag is perfect for the beach.  You can throw all your essentials (sunscreen, towel, novel, etc) in there & be set.  This scarf is another way to pull together the swimsuit-as-a-shirt look.  If you are done with a day at the beach as the sun sets & are looking to go grab some dinner, if the air is cool enough a lightweight scarf can add more pizzazz to your swimsuit look.  Now it really doesn't look like a swimsuit.  Finally, big sunglasses are a must. Who are we kidding?

So there you have it, a few of my Summer necessities.  I can't wait to pull out my Summer clothes & get cracking on some outfit posts.  I am excited to add that bit to the blog here & think I've decide to switch up my blog schedule by not calling Tempted Tuesdays Tempted Tuesdays any more.  A post about what I am tempted to buy or make or wear or stuff I am totally into will still be on Tuesdays but I just won't call it buy a name.  I think it looks better to search engines & allows more room for your post title in sites like HelloCotton. I'll probably keep Make it Monday, Fan Friday, & Sum up Sunday labeled because those sort of describe the post....I am just not sure Tempted Tuesday describes anything.  hmmmmm....What do you think?

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What are your Summer essentials for 2012?  Have anything that is an all time summer tradition? 
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