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Hello there everyone!  I've had this DIY in the back of my mind for a long while.  I've been really loving the hand lettered chalk board look lately so I thought I'd try my hand at it for an iPhone case.  I think I saw one somewhere before that inspired me. 

This DIY isn't the greatest.  First, the case was like shiny or sparkly instead of flat matte black.  So that made it not look too much like a chalk board.  I also think if it was matte-er, the paint would have stayed on a little better through wear & tear.  Also, I didn't get my lettering centered like I wanted to so the overal design is kinda lopsided.  Otherwise I think the most successful part of the DIY was the use of the Sharpie Paint Pens.  When I went to look for paint pens I just looked for any old kind.  I ended up picking up the Sharpie ones because there was a fine & bold tip option and the price was same as the others I saw.  But the quality of the paint flow was awesome!  It was like writing with a sharpie! The flow was smooth, it went onto the plastic & didn't separate.  When writing with the paint pen it didn't streak. Also, I messed up the first time & had to work to get it off! It dried pretty quickly.  I did go over some parts for a thicker coat, but you really wouldn't have to because one coat is enough (& I think that the two coats may have raised the lettering a bit so it was easier to scratch in the wear & tear of your phone).  I can't wait to find other things to use these pens for!

Then you just write! Plan out your design (a bit better than I did here) & draw.  I may retry this DIY in the future now that I know these paint pens rock!  I think this one & this one would be some cool inspiration.  I didn't try this because I don't know anything of sealers...but if you could find a sealant that wouldn't mess up the plastic then you may want to put a coat on here, just to be safe.

I've pinned a whole load of cool Paint Pen inspiration to my Handmade Inspiration board.  I can't wait to try them out!

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