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So the other day in my Guilty Pleasures post I mentioned my love of beauty & styling products.  I also mentioned that I am pretty brand specific when it comes to things like that.  What you may not know is that I just recently discovered the key to curly hair.  Recent purchases of mine include TRESemme's dry shampoo for fine/oily hair & a 3/4" barrel curling iron.  

If you have about 12 minutes to spare, why don't go give a listen to me ramble on about my curly hair, a mini-review of the dry shampoo, and the products I use to style my hair.  Sorry, it's a long one & a bit of a ramble (also there is a weird glare on my face! whoops!):

Additionally here's a more detailed list of what I use, just in case you don't want to hear me ramble:
Wash & Style

All of these products I mentioned in the video, but if you don't want to listen to everything I thought I'd do a little recap down here:

Pantene Classic Clean Shampoo + Conditioner // I only wash my hair once a week since I've realized that dirty hair really holds a curl.  I'll put my shower cap on & get in the shower on days I don't wash my hair, but when I do I make sure to shampoo & condition it.  With all the heat, I am damaging my hair I am sure but the conditioner puts a lot of moisture back in to it.

TRESemme Dry Shampoo for Fine/Oily Hair // This I got at CVS for about 3 or 4 bucks.  It has mineral clay & citrus in it which makes it smell really good & absorb the oil.  I assume since the clay is in there it (one) absorbs oil in oily hair & (two) gives volume to fine hair since it's actually a substance in the spray - if that makes any sense.  There is also a dry hair, normal hair, etc option & I know that CVS has a generic brand too.  I use this on the days I don't wash my hair if I need it.  I've found that with styling my hair, I don't put my hands through it as much so it doesn't get that oily.

TRESemme 24 Hour Body Root Spray + Paul Mitchell Texturizing Sea Spray // These two go on to my head before I blow dry my hair.  The root boosting spray is really helpful to give my hair body even though I already have thick hair.  The texturizing spray give it a bit of texture (obviously) & dirties it back up a bit so it's easier to style.  I loved the sea spray when I had short, because it really made ,y hair look chunky & cool.  Now it really defines my layers if I where my hair straight.  I blow dry my hair upside down with a regular old hair dryer.

TRESemme Styling Gel + Hair Spray // I don't quite use the gel too much and am not quite sure why I actually included it in here, but the hairspray is what I love the most.  I use this to dirty my hair up a bit to hold the curl, to spray the curl when it is in the iron, & as a finishing spray to hold the curl all day.  I also have a baby hairspray in my purse for shots of it when I think it's about to fall.  It's like crack!

CONAIR Curling Iron // My curling iron I got for about 10 bucks at Target.  It is a 3/4" barrel curling iron & I think that size works really well for the length of my hair.  A one inch one would be too big.  I have a 1" curling iron & I tried it but it's only good for the top parts of the right side of my hair since that side is longer. It's not worth plugging both of them in.

So there you have.  A whole 45 minutes of mine in the morning is curling my Shirley Temple curls.

What products do you use? Have any other curl tips I should try?
ps. Stay tuned, this evening you'll meet the small sponsors for May!!

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