Fan Friday // Feeling a Bit Better

Well, I'm feeling a bit better thanks to a two day dosing of Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine (night time, I might add).  After several loopy conversations with my mom & with Zach and having a dream where there were magazines all over me (thanks to a fever) I feel half alright today.  My head is still stuffy & I am still drinking my orange juice/Ginger Ale cocktail.

Additionally, if you're waiting to hear back from me (sponsor-wise & otherwise) I promise I'll get to you.  I don't know how I've been keeping everything straight these past two days with my head all spinning!

Anyway, being laid up in bed has left me some time to just mess around on blogs I love to find some awesome stuff to share with you:

Mandy over at Miss Indie found an awesome double exposure app called Duomatic.  So you know I downloaded it ASAP! I used to play around with Fusion Cam but since Duomatic lets you take pictures from your camera roll, I like it a lot better.  I don't like having to commit to taking pictures right there! I want to pick & choose.  I agree with Mandy, I could never do it with film!  So here are some of mine.  I used photos from my Take a Break post earlier this week & then added some text using Quiption:

If you want someone cool to follow on instagram, I suggest following @owlbolt.  It's a lot of pictures of her adorable son, but also a lot of iphonography tips & tricks.  She knows all the awesome apps & is even starting an iphonography blog. I haven't tried a lot of her stuff, but she's always doing awesome things with her photos!

I also love this skirt I found on Pinterest via Danielle Thompson:
It's located over at TopShop but Danielle's boards get me every time.  She is a lover of all things Vintage & makes me swoon over vintage things I've never seen before.

Links Loved

+Miss KB over on Little Chief Honeybee shared this week that her lovely blog turns 3! Happy Bloggy Birthday!  She wrote a great post on Blogging With Intention.  This post is a great self reflective read!  I love reading other's stories...and this one is awesome!+

+Kam (from Campfire Chic) wrote a great post on the 5 Blog Posts you Should Be Writing.  She gives a great list of posts to make your blog awesome.  She also touches on something that I've found myself doing lately: I'm a blog reader, not a blog viewer'.  I used to head over to blogs, look at the pictures & then leave.  Now I find myself wanting to know more about the blogger.  Who are you & why should I like you? I really want to know about you in every post!  Telling a story is something I am going to touch on in the Blogging 101 eBook to be released at the end of summer!+

+Jessica asks us how many backgrounds of photographs do we think we are in.  A lovely question, I might add.  Think about how many people have you in a photo album.  Think about how many people wonder who you are, or think about you everyday! It's so crazy to think we are all connected.  Wonderful post Jessica!+

+If you are interested in knowing which eCourses are going to be released on June 1, click here.  eCourses are designed to take you a while (hopefully no longer than a weekend) & min-eCourses are designed to take you an afternoon.  No one likes their blog to be left hanging...so finishing up a tutorial needs to be super quick!  Each course is designed to teach you something specific but to also teach you a bit more about your blog, the Blogger platform, & how others interact with your blog.+

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

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  1. That TopShop skirt is ADORABLE. Me gusta.

  2. Lovely blog!
    I love those photos with the duomatic! It reminds me of the effects you can get with the split cam film camera. :D


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