Sum Up Sundays // Studio Update + Life

Since last week's winery tour I don't think I've done much.  I've tried to be more productive but slowly I am sinking into do nothing phases. Staying in bed is just oh so tempting!  I need list more jewelry, to make more jewelry, to crochet something, to work some more blog designs, post more blog freebies, photograph my pottery & my awesome finds from Michigan, clean my own house, etc etc.  It keeps piling up.  I need to make a plan & start sticking to it.  I have my planner, but sometimes I just don't get to writing things down :(  Oh well, I guess I should stop complaining & start doing! But really, I can't believe its April already....

I spend Thursday & Friday moving furniture & equipment from my old office to our new location about a block away.  Working for a small business is the best.  I feel like I know who I am working for, I don't get lost in the employee files, & I get to have a great relationship with the other employees.  However, I don't like moving so Thursday & Friday were hard for me! But we did finally get things all out & I was able to set up my new super huge desk.  There are cabinets back there that have NOTHING in them.  Nothing.  At my old office, I'd have to close a drawer to open the closet to get to the files and scoot my chair in so others could come by, and it just got so crowded! Now, I can work in my own space :) :) :)

Another great thing about the new building is I think I'll be able to sell some of my pottery there along with some of my jewelry.  The bigger desk space will allow for a jewelry display and we have a shelving unit we are going to use for some pottery, some photography, & some other things.  Can't wait! This is why I need to make more jewelry!

On Saturday, Zach & I spent all day cleaning his house.  I am so proud of us! We got a lot done in preparation for his mom & brother to come down.  Since Zach is leaving here shortly (sad face) they brought the truck to pack some things up.

I've also been catching up on the Dr. Who season that just aired.  It's now on Netflix & the bf, roomie, and I have been watching. (warning, spoilers ahead! stop reading now!)  Needless to say, mind = blown.  Though I did sorta figure a few things out at the beginning, like that the baby would have a 'time head' & that Melody Pond would somehow equal River Song.  It's also gotten a bit dark & scary! I miss the episodes where it was just weird, like mannequins chasing people, little fat babies running around, & the aliens being a bit more funny looking that terrifying! I am going to keep watching, of course!

In other news, my last pottery class for this session was this past week.  Now I have a two week break before the next class.  There are still some things in the kiln but here are some pictures of what I have so far:

I used a filter on this photo...sometimes a big no no...but I love cinemascope.  Since Picnik is gone I've been using photoshop to edit photos & picasa to sort through them. But I got an update to picasa Saturday & what a pleasant surprise it was to find a few filters included in there.  I promise I won't go over board, believe me filter-y photos are not the greatest!

This week I promise to be more productive.  If you haven't signed up for the newsletter click here! It won't go out til about Monday or so, you've still got time to catch the thrift tip before it goes live, see a fun newsletter only simple DIY, & catch up with what will be going on here on Five Sixteenths this coming month.  Don't forget to pop by the sponsors there on the left for April either!

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow, what a great office space! I love working for a smaller company for the same reasons you do! And I love your pottery! xxx

  2. I really need to sit down and watch Dr Who one day, I catch episodes here and there and never really know what's going on but I always love each episode!x


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