Sum Up Sunday // Happy Easter + Family Time

I spent last Sunday dying eggs with my gramma & aunt in memory of my Granddad.  Gramma said that even after we grew up & left for college, etc my granddad would persuade my gramma to boil the eggs & dye them with him.  He was a real family man that enjoyed the simple things.  I loved him so much & it's been super weird to be with out him these past few months.  I still think I'll go to her house & see him.  It's been nice living so close to them while growing up.  After I graduated college & moved an hour away I am glad it was still close!

Anyway, after a few tears we dyed some colorful eggs:
This was done with an iPhone app called Pix.  It's a pretty neat app & another photo app for me to get hooked on!

Then on Monday with Zach's mom & brother, we headed to Jamestown to take a little tour of their recreation.  I hadn't been since I was in elementary school so the ships looked so small compared to when I was little!  A lot changes when you gain a few feet in height.
I also bought butter & Sweet Tea, so call me Paula Dean.  We cleaned Zach's house & he got a new phone.

It was a nice week.  The weather was warm & I can't wait for it to get super warm. I am hoping Zach & I can plan another little weekend trip in between saving money.  Maybe back to DC? Perhaps this weekend? Also, Zach & I have been dating for 6 months today.  Yes I am still in high school & keep track of those things..... :) :)

How's your week been? Anything cool happening?

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  1. I really want to get over to Jamestown one day - it looks such an interesting place to visit!


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