Stripes on Stripes // Weekend Outfit

This past weekend I spent with my parents since Zach was away in Michigan on his interview.  I got to hang out with my fave little brother-pup & listen to my brothers sing Kelly Clarkson while playing video games.  My family is pretty crazy!

Heres a fun fact: I have one biological brother & two brothers from another mother.  These two kids are at my parents' house all the time, they are my brother's friends, but they will even come over just to hang out as a part of the family.  One is my dad's sort of young photography padawan.  On Friday, I accidentally punched the padawan in the face when he came up behind me.  He'd just gotten his braces off and I almost made him need reconstructive nose surgery! He was a lot closer than I thought he was when I went to pretend-punch him. whoops!

I went shopping with my mother on Saturday, too.  I wasn't expecting to buy anything but then we stumbled upon Sears in one of the malls going-out-of-business sale where I scored some nice cardigans & a sheer shirt for 60% off.  Then we went in to JC Penny & found even more great deals with their fair & square pricing.  (I still don't get it, but I'll take the deal!) I never buy anything full price.  One, I cant afford it & two, it just makes sense!

Jeans // Forever21
Necklace, Scarf (worn as shirt) // Icing
Cardigan // Sears sale
Sandals // no idea, so long ago
Ring // JC Penny (xmas gift from Zach)
Nail Polish // Wet n Wild

I also tried out the moon manicure & think it was mildly successful.  It was better on my left hand than my right but I liked it.  Perfect easter color!  I used round stickers instead of those punched hole reinforcer things & guess it worked.  I am so torn on this manicure: it looks cool but I also think it looks sorta dumb on me.  The pink & the mint are gorgeous together.  Of course I used my favorite top coat for this manicure to make it last.

My camera died on me when I was going to take pictures of how I did it, so instead I'll link to this great tutorial.  I couldn't for the life of me find any of those reinforcer things in the tutorial...so I used circle stickers from the dollar tree.  The ones you'd use for like a yard sale, that you'd write the price on.  I also cut them in half so they would form better around my nails.  

I am super excited about this cardigan.  Mint & stripes......I am in love.

How has your week been? I know it's only Wednesday, but I can't wait for the weekend!


  1. Love your outfit and your fingernails look awesome! xxx

  2. Omg xD I pretended to punch someone too and it did not go well!

    I love that cardigan! Favorite color!


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