On Branding....

Since I've been on sort of a cohesive kick, I thought I'd share a little post on branding.  I am loving the way Five Sixteenths is coming together, honestly.  Everything seems to be very cohesive & looks oh so perfect.  But what do I do when I want to change it up a bit but have a look I'm going for? A lot of bloggers are able to keep their look fresh with out sacrificing a brand design they've already settled on.  It takes a lot to get your look together & I am not even sure if Five Sixteenths has a great look...but I like where it's going.

Hopefully I'll be able to figure out something along the same lines when I feel that my blog design is starting to get old.

I've been working on coming up with a few branding designs for the shop as well.  I know it's super hard getting started with blogging & a cohesive look so I hope that I offer some unique designs at an affordable price.  I started of by making a matching business card to the Wine & Dine food blog theme:

I am excited to start to offer complete design packages.  Pick a blog theme, custom button, custom color palette, & business card and you have branded your whole blog.  Eventually Five Sixteenths shop will have etsy designs as well.  I am not sure why I haven't gotten to them honestly!

I can't believe the amazing stuff I've been learning lately.  In fact, keep a look out for some free designs coming up on the blog.  I may even have a whole page dedicated to freebies!

I bring this whole branding thing up because I am thinking about adding more navigation bars to the top of my page.  I've got a lot of things I talk about out & I want to make sure that if you're interested in something you can find it!  I went away from a 3 column template because it was a bit cluttered so I don't want to have too many navigation links at the top.  It's also a bit hard to read.  Maybe I'll go through with a different one of my blog fonts, of course to keep it all cohesive!

Today I've spent working on free things for you, composing the newsletter, scheduling posts, & watching Stargate.  We've also been putting off packing up Zach's house since this is his last week.  I am so sad! Hopefully his job opportunities pan out & we can move onto another part in our lives.

No Make it Monday today, just my thoughts on branding.  Happy Monday!


  1. I agree- I love your blog design, very cohesive and visually strong! I love where you're going with your ideas. I've been dying to change up my whole design (really dreading looking at it lately) but find the whole thing so overwhelming, probably because I want to get it all done in one day! Anywho- just wanted to say I think you're doing fabulously and I encourage you to keep going! Yay Moe! :)

  2. You've just given me many more reasons why I want to visit your blog! what a lovely idea! This sounds really cool! business templates


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