Call For Sponsors

It is not that time of the month were I call for sponsors.  It's an awkward time but its a good time.

First let me tell you a bit about Five Sixteenths:

Five Sixteenths is an all around lifestyle blog focusing on art, fashion, inspiration, & blog development.  I try to blog about things I know & things I love.  Five Sixteenths is a place to share awesome ideas, submitted reader content, & a little bit about nail polish.

Some of my favorite columns to write on Five Sixteenths are Make it Monday, Boost your Blog, Style, & Fan Fridays.  You will find a ton of original content, a bit of inspiration, & an insight into the life of a post graduate gal.

Five Sixteenths has started sponsoring bigger & radder blogs in the hopes to drive more traffic to your site.  Check out the stats here on the sponsor page.

Learn more about Moe (that's me, the blogger) here & here.

Reserve your spot by shooting me an email here

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