What I Wore // Lake Michigan Sneak Peak

I've been trying for a while to add outfit posts to Five Sixteenths.  You may remember my half-assed iphone photo/in the mirror shots from back in the Summer.  These did not work out so well.  I tried experimenting with my tripod, but nothing would be in focus.  I didn't want to lug my tripod everywhere either nor is there a great place to take pictures in my house.  So, I put off the thing that I wished I could do better....until I met Zach (and click here too!).

This is what I wore on the day we visited Lake Michigan & went to Steak -n- Shake:

// Details //
dress // JC Penny Sale
cardigan // NY&Co from TJMaxx
scarf // some side shop in Italy
sunglasses // Jessica Simpson from TJMaxx
purs // Target Sale (ages ago!!)
moccasins // Target & DIY'd
belt (unseen) // Icing
watch // Charming Charlies
teapot bracelet // gift from Zach $3, thrifted

When we first started dating, I was totally hesitant to tell him about my blog.  I remember one night mentioning to him that I sorta had this thing that I did every once in a while that involved me sharing my life with people.  I told him that I blogged & that I had shared the first meal he ever made for me on it.  I told him I snuck pictures with my phone of the meal while he was in the kitchen getting us drinks.  Since then he's been begging me to post every meal he ever makes because he loves to hear that people like it.

I was a bit more shy to ask him to take pictures of me for the blog.  It started off as, 'hey, I need a picture of me for the blog' & turned into 'would you want to run outside with me real quick & snap off about 20-40 photos?'  When he agreed (while we were in Michigan), I don't think he knew what he was getting into....sometimes I get bossy.  Sometimes he likes to take artistic liberty too where he holds the camera sort of diagonally.  But even in the three days I asked him to take pictures in MI, he's gotten better.

We also took my first trip to Steak-n-Shake that day too.  He was embarrassed that I asked for a little hat:

I think I look good!

Have you ever put off doing something you really wanted to do? What do people say when you tell them you blog?


  1. I think you look adorable in the hat :)

    It's so funny because my boyfriend knows I blog but he hardly ever reads it, I don't know why. Maybe I suck lol! But he never had a problem with it as long as I don't share our dirty laundry (or pics of him).

  2. what's life if you can't embarrass your significant other? Trust me, I embarrass Ethan MULTIPLE TIME A DAY :)

    ps lovin the outfit post! weeee!!!

  3. hi!
    I love this post. I LOVEVEVEVE that outfit. Like big time. I want it on me right now! I love your watch too, i have GOT to get me one like that. I have been drooling over the rose gold chain watches for years. I just gotta do it.

    I am kinda shy about mentioning my blog while living here in Switzerland. A lot of the swiss don't get it, so it makes me feel kinda lame talking about it. But if they saw my blog it would make sense. It's hard to explain blogging to people who don't GET blogging. If that makes sense. Good job getting your guy to take pics for you.

    Good job getting the hat. I want that shake you are drinking.

  4. i love that watch and i ADORE Charming Charlie!!!


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