Typical Work Outfit // Shape & Life

I sit behind a desk all day.  A very tiny desk.  In fact, we will be moving locations in the beginning of April where I will have the largest desk in the history of offices.  It is huge.  I will take a picture when we've settled into our new office.  But you won't believe it, I promise.

Since I sit behind a desk all day, no one really appreciates my shoes....except for when I stand up.  Some days I stand up & end up being a foot taller.  Since I am the first to come in no one really sees what I wear either.  And since I tend to wear creative outfits it's sometimes a fan fare when I step out from behind the desk.  Not to brag or anything :)

My typical outfit is a skirt/shirt/cardigan combo.  Since I am a rather curvy gal, I like wearing cardigans to break up my shape.  I also am all about skirts at the waist to give me more of a feminine shape.  I have really broad shoulders & a waist and hips that are about the same size....not the feminine shape I'd like to have!

These were shots I wasn't expecting to use! Zach was snapping pictures before I was ready! But they came out the best.  Look at him, taking candid shots!  So that is why my feet are doing the extreme pigeon toed thing & look like little nubs!  This is shot behind Zach's house on his back stoop.

But do you see (what I think) how the cardigan gives me a bit more of an hour glass shape? This really works with black cardigans but I think wearing other color cardigans works too.   I add a belt for a bit more interest & to really define my waist.  I don't know if these things are true in fashion, but I think they work for me!

skirt // thrifted
shirt // Forever21
belt // Target (from another skirt)
shoes // on sale from Khol's (I forget the brand)
black ring & necklaces // Icing's & Claire's
watch // Charming Charlies
cardigan // H&M
brown ring // Honeybean Boutique

Lately, Zach & I have been planning what we'll do once his lease is up.  Currently we do not live together (we only met like 6 months ago!) but we have been talking about it.  When we met it was like we'd known each other forever, so the normal idea of moving too fast didn't really affect us.  However, he is in the military & actually just ended his contract.  So, he's got to move back home or really move to Virginia in May.   If he moves back to Michigan, we'll be apart until we find a way to settle down or we work out how we'll make it work.  

I get down every now & then when I think about it.  I wish there was a certain formula we could follow for these sorts of things.  Being such a worry wart about finances & the like, I am super nervous for the future! 

Who knows.  You gotta take it one step at a time right?


  1. These pictures are cute! Your man did a good job. :) What a cute outfit! We seems to dress very similiar for work - I really try to not look like everyone else in the office. I kinda find business casual clothes unflattering, especially the pants. I am obsessed with cardigans too and wear them for the same reason you do. I think they work wonders. :) Also I hope things turn around for Zach and he finds something so you don't have to be apart. That just stinks.

  2. Okay..number one..I love that outfit..can I borrow it? Like seriously..pack it up and send it to me!! The punch of color with that pattern is hot!

    And number two..I know just what you are talking about..my hubby and I moved in together very fast..after a matter of months..and then a year later we had a little bambino (which is now a big bambino). We just decided to go with it..and it worked out perfectly :) I hope your decision comes to you easy!


  3. listen to this vanessa girl, she's got it right :) :)

    ethan and i moved very quickly too. and i was never one of those girls who just moved in with someone. i had never lived with anyone before. but we knew. we just knew. we moved in together just a few months. we also knew we would get married. we did wait 2 years before we got engaged, though, to shut people up :)

    outfit is adorable and so are you! it'll all work out, sugar!


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