Make it Monday // DIY Nail Polish

So, if it wasn't apparent, I have a Nail Polish addiction.  I've seen around the interwebs DIY Nail Polish tutorials (here, here) & was amazed that I never thought of that before!

The other day while Joanne's Fabric & Crafts, I found some great & really sparkly glitter for buy one get on 50% off.  I think they were originally around $3-$4.  One is just normal sparkly glitter & the other is holographic glitter, whoa! I actually thought I'd have to use a lot more than I really did!  There is still enough glitter to make a whole bunch more polishes.  I love glitter polish!

I got my clear polish from the dollar tree because I didn't want to use goopy old bottles or a really nice bottle (if it didn't work).
So I decided to make the perfect pink for Valentine's Day!  I used all the reds, pinks, & purples in the collection of glitter and a big tube of hexagonal silver glitter.
The first step is to pour out a bit of the clear nail polish so there is room for the glitter.  I poured quite a bit out into the plastic bit that the nail polish came wrapped in.  (that plastic bit connected to the cardboard, yeah, that!)  It's beter to pour out more because you can always add the clear back in to fill the bottle up but if you pour out more once you've started, you'll lose the glitter you've already poured in.

I created a funnel with the plastic wrapper that was around the the package of individual glitter packets (I am all about recyling!) but the tiny packets were so small that just snipping off a tiny bit of the edge allowed me to pour the glitter in easily.  The hexagonal glitter tube needed the funnel though, so I am glad I made it!

Just pour in the glitter one after another, I put a bit in but I didn't measure.  I was a bit generous & it worked out.  Screw the cap back on & shake it up.  Look how freaking pretty it is! Pour some of the clear back in from the plastic bit & mix again.

I also made a silver polish too since I can't find any with a big glitter piece in it like my Gold polish from Claire's.  The only thing I've noticed is that the pink has a little bit of color in the clear polish now that the glitter has settled.  I guess its the coloring from the glitter but I don't think it will be a problem!

Now I have my own unique nail polish for Valentine's Day!


  1. um, so, that's amazing!! I am soooo going to do this sometime soon! Imagine the colour combo's you could make!


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