Hello February!!

Well it is February 1st here & I can't believe it! We are one month down in 2012!  I can't believe last month went by so fast.  Five Sixteenths has been keeping up with the goals of posting better & more relevant content here in 2012 & I can't wait to make February count!

In January I shared one of my favorite DIY's - Neon Color Block Moccasins! You can catch an awesome interpretation of the DIY on Dana's blog Crafty Minx!  Another mini tutorial on using wood grain contact paper I can't get enough of! I also decided to get a bit real on my experience in the blogging world by sharing tips on blog planning, the five mistakes I made blogging, & my troubles with Pinterest.

If you are new here let me introduce myself:

I am a recent graduate (of the 5 year plan) with a BFA from a small college in Virginia & self proclaimed Nail Polish Addict.  Recently embarking on a dose of the real world, I've had 3 jobs since graduation.  I've quite two of them & have finally settled in as an office manager in a small career school.  My room mates are my best friend from college & her husband, who proposed to her after the two of us decided to live together.  From about July of last year, we've just allowed him to live with us!  My boyfriend, Zach (read more about him here) is an awesome cook & a pretty cool guy. In fact, he's making tacos for dinner tonight but two nights ago he made steak wrapped in bacon with a side of sweet potatoes & Brussels sprouts.  yum!

Check out my fully stocked About Me page for 15 facts & FAQ's

I am the sister to a little pup belonging to my parents' named Rudy & the mo-mo to another little pup named Cody.  Rudy's favorite past times are eating doggy treats, drinking from the bathtub faucet & chasing squirrels. Cody loves to lick up dust bunnies, go potty outside, & lay in the sun.  They are best friends & love to run around together.

Five Sixteenths started approximately two years ago & has developed into a space to share DIY, fashion, & home decor inspiration as well as a helpful does of real life & blog related tips.  I claim to be no expert but I like to give advice!  I've had 3 blogs before Five Sixteenths & have grown so much through the blogging community!  One of those ways is sponsoring amazing blogs written by bloggers I admire!

If you'd like to keep up with the musings of a Nail Polish Addict follow me on twitter & on instagram!  Also check out the shop too!

I hope your February is the best one yet!


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I really love YOUR blog look! That moccasin tutorial is fabulous by the way. I need to dust of my old pair and give them a new life!

  2. Lovely blog design! I really enjoyed reading your "five mistakes I made blogging" post. That wood grain contact paper is so neat!

  3. I have a pair of moccasins that would be perfect for this thanks for sharing!


  4. GIRL- I'm so glad I found you!!! Your blog design is amazing- anything with pretty shapes, color, and typography and I'm in swoon city. What perfect timing to visit just when you posted all about yourself- exactly what I was looking for! *following!*


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