Boost Your Blog // 3 Ways to Create a Color Palette

When thinking about blog design, the first thing I do is create a color palette (or five!).  Color palettes help give you an easy starting point to launch a blog design.  Before getting wrapped up in the time consuming actual designing, its a fun exercise in discovering what your going for in your next design.

A great resource for making color palettes is Colour Lovers, an online social network for color lovers!  You can create a profile, like other peoples colors, patterns, & templates, and create a stock pile of lovely inspiration for yourself available whenever you need it.

This simple tutorial for creating color palettes on Colour Lovers will have you inspired for a blog redesign really quickly!  When I first discovered this site, I was addicted! I get lost on there sometimes creating pallets.  

If you have a good sense of yourself then finding a color palette won't be that hard.  If you aren't quite sure as to what inspires you the most, I suggest to go through your Pinterest boards & find the images/things that make you the most excited.  


Clicking Create

On the website, there is the magical green CREATE button.  Once you click it, a drop down menu appears (magical!) & from there choose palette.  You'll be given a random color to start with.  You can just have at it there & make a monochrome palette or change all the little sliders for a diverse palette or just click around to get acclimated to the program. 

Searching Colors

Another way I like to find interesting colors is the search tool.  Searching not just with terms like yellow, green, & turquoise but with terms like vintage, kiwi, star, even the word computer led me to some nice colors.

Uploading a Photo
The more advanced option is to make a palette from a photo! They provide you with a random photo to start with but you can also choose one from their gallery.  If you know of a photo online, you can paste the url (be sure to give credit to images though, it's just nice!) & create a pallet from there.  Click the colors suggested on the side & add to your palette at the bottom of the screen or use the dropper tool to select your own colors from within the image.

How else can you use these color palettes?
Colour Lovers offers a few options to download a palette for your iPhone or desktop background & you can even turn it into fabric!

Why not use your current favorite colors as your desktop background? Keep it up for some color inspiration.  It's a simple addition to your work computer desktop to add some color to your cubicle.

How do you use color palettes? Have you ever used a site like Colour Lovers?

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