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Now that 2012 is in full swing, I have thought about some goals I'd like to set for 2012.  I've never been good at keeping goals.  I always forget or just plain don't do them but I still set them.  I still have somethings from 2011 I have to complete & I feel so bad about it.  I am not sure if I am lazy or just plain old forgetful.  Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on a lot of things because I am such a home body.  Sometimes spending the day doing nothing happens a bit too often.
Side note: Now that I am a 'grown up' I see how hard it is to balance job, house work, blogging, dating, hanging out, making, & having fun.  Sometimes I don't feel I can do it all!  I have so many things I'd like to do but there's alway something I feel in the way.  I guess I need to stop making excuses, but it seems that there are loads of bloggers out there making it happen & I want to be one of them!
Buy a better blonde wig - I love my wigs.  No one else does, mainly because my blonde one is freaking crazy!  I want to buy a better, toned down one to wear.

Gain the confidence to wear my wigs out of the house - I've worn my brown one out shopping before so I think I need to just put them on & go out by myself to gain some confidence.  I think wearing things you aren't so sure about at home first is a great way to get comfortable with something. Which leads to my next goal.

Wear red lipstick - I know some people who just look great in red lipstick.  Perhaps crimson isn't for me but I'd like to start wearing a fun color lipstick just to spice up my outfit.

Get back to wearing make up - Zach doesn't really like when I wear make up, but I used to be totally into it! I'd go out & find cool stuff at the drug store or catch things on sale.  I just like to look done up & to take a bit more care of myself that way.

Make more things/Stick with stuff - this really applies to the shop.  I've been wanting to add home stuff, art, maybe even vintage to the shop but I can't seem to get motivated.  The motivation comes in waves & then trails off.  I need to just stick with things.  One day in January I need to just sit & make.

Do the January Instagram Challenge & 52 weeks of Instax - I just need to plain stick with the stuff I say I'll do!!

Let's go Paleo! - At first I was a bit skeptical, but after seeing all the awesome recipes on Pinterest & other websites I think I may like it.  I am still in the early stages...but let's see if Zach & I can continue.

These are just some of the vague things I'd like to be better at durring 2012.

Have you set any goals?

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