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Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe it's already into December? I have 4 birthdays to celebrate (including my own) & Christmas.  That's a lot of gifts to be sharing.  I tried hard this year to give things that people really wanted/needed.  With Christmas drawing near, I still have a few gifts to pick up/make.

I went to a local radio station's Winter Meltdown concert last night & I am totally worn out.  Sleeping has been lacking recently as I've been getting up at around 6 when Zack gets up.  Being exhausted today isn't that great because right after work I am heading back to his house to do the 'meet the parents' thing.  He's already met part of my family but I am still nervous to meet his!

This Fan Friday is just an assortment of things I've pinned/found over the course of the week with no real theme:
Yesterday was World AIDS Day & every one is encouraged to wear red.
Epidemics like AIDS are one thing I am passionate about supporting research.  Imagine a world free of these diseases.  I am constantly looking up articles & checking the news for things related to HIV/AIDS research.

Again, again, again I am trying to grow my hair out.  You may remember that I cut my hair a while ago for Katie's wedding.  Well now I wonder how long it would be if I hadn't cut it.  Having long hair hasn't crossed my mind until recently.  I wanted nothing to do with it in college but now I'd like to have some to put in a ponytail!  It doesn't help that Zooey Deschanel's gorgeous locks make me envious! ;)

Zach & I have been talking about the D word: Diet.  I told him never to mention that work but we know the holidays are upon us & we need to not eat everything in sight!  This recipe just looks delicious anyway: Nutella + Banana + blender + freezer.  I wanna try it because I don't like bananas!
I have a What He Should Make Me for Dinner pin board where loads of other yummy looking recipes are.

:: Web Stuff ::
Maryam's Blog Re-Do - Pamplemousse1983
Texts From Bennett - a hilarious website with texts from a teen who thinks he's rather tough.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday! 
What are you up to this weekend?

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