Tempted Tuesday // Instax Love

I am not sure if I blogged about my love for the Instax cameras before, but I thought I'd share something I am lusting after for Xmas.  My gramma still does the old fashioned "what do you want from Santa?" thing every year & every year I send her a list.

This year the list wasn't too long as I can't really think of anything I really need.  But I have been wanting a little Instax camera to carry around with me.  I've seen loads of projects with them & I just want one of my own!  I love the idea of photos that are tangible things.  Taking photos with a DSLR or my point & shoot or my phone is alright, but I like to have something I can hold. Taking the jump drive to Wal-Mart or printing photos at home just doesn't have the feel of film.  After taking my one photo class at school in black & white (you know, the standard class every art major -photo or not- has to take) I really just loved the idea of film actually developing.  The prints from places just look like they were printed by a printer.  I want the old school stuff!!

I know places like Snapfish print good quality photos (it's the only place I've ever used) but I've always liked Polaroids   My parents had a Polaroid camera when I was younger & it was so fun to watch the prints develop!

I also want to do some cool stuff with the pictures!

So many things to document.  I still love looking through old photo albums at my gramma's and parents' house.  I love memories!

And this cool decor!
I do want to print out some of my Instagram photos too.
Everyone raves about Sticky Gram so I think I'll check that out!

I don't have too many photos floating around my house.  Having a photo album on the coffee table or book shelf to just pull out & flip through is my favorite!  

What do you want this Xmas?

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  1. random question, have you ever printed anything from snapfish on their cardstock instead of photopaper?


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