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So I realized that it was the middle of the month already & I meant to do a better introduction of the lovely bloggers to the right there!  I can't believe October has slipped by me!

Any way, all of these bloggers are absolutely wonderful!

Lacey blogs about some amazing things like an awesome book paper bow, her (totally recent) fill in the blank, & her all around adorable life!

one   two    three

LDC from LDC Designs is currently a creative college student.  I love that she blogs about her hipstamtic adventures, her photography, & her lovely Hair Week!

Find all the DIY's on her DIY page here!

Maryam from Pamplemousse1983 is a doll.  She blogs about amazing recipes (1, 2, 3), her beautiful little babe (labeled 'the baby files'), & what she honestly wore.  She gives me inspiration to be oh so true to myself.

One   Two   Three

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So, I hope you have a happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. what a lovely collection of blogs. I just checked out Miss Maryam and indeed she is SUCH a doll. Love her "what I honestly wore" feature -adorable!! Hope your Friday is lovely. xo veronika


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