What I Wore // 9.9.2011

Let me just say that an iPhone really helps blogging.  I can take ok quality pictures, I can mess around with photos, I can make collages.....it just freaking rocks.  In fact, I would venture to say it is probably worth the average bill (even though I pay way less since I am on a family plan, thanks gramma!).

Technology is super stinking great! You know what else is super stinking great? It's the Freakin' Weekend baby! I have a busy one at that.

Here's what I wore on Friday

This photo is made from an image of a security envelope & lined paper.  I was thinking about all the patterns  in my office today.  I am on a quest to find more!

Nearly everything in my outfit was thrifted! I meant to grab a nice silk scarf on my way out of the door but it didn't make it.  So I am sans one thrifted item that would have made it more thrifty!

bag :: thrifted
watch & cardigan :: target
ring :: icing
belt :: JCP clearance (from another dress)

Can you believe this dress has such cute pockets?  It has such cute everything.  I nearly cried when I found it.  I also bought another blue dress, two skirts, & loads of scarves. Perhaps tonight or in the near future there may be a haul vlog/post.  Thrifting is the best!

The bag is big enough to hold my laptop & has 2 zip compartments.  I am hoping to start teaching more classes at the school I work at so I am excited to have a bag that I may be able to carry things back & forth in.

This weekend will be super busy! I need an oil change, I am going to move more stuff.  It's just going to all around be crazy.

What are you going to be up to? 
Are you going thrifting, perhaps? Share your finds with me!

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