Welcome Fall

I know that Fall doesn't officially start until September 23rd or so...but September 1st marks the start of fall for me.

This weekend (Labor Day) I will be spending with my family at the lake.  I can't wait to take one final dip in the water, a few last boat rides, & sit out by the water wrapped up in my fave sweater.  I've always gone, ever since I was little.  I've missed the past few summers because of college & work but I got to go to the lake earlier in the summer for one day.  I am so looking forward to going!

Isn't it lovely? I can't wait to watch the sunrise again.  Our little cove is so nice & peaceful.  Durring the 4th of July, one of our neighbors goes out on a boat & lights fireworks in the middle.  It's so fun to see!!!

I have so many memories of this place.  I can't wait.

What are your memories of Summer?
Do you have some family time you are looking forward too?


  1. Aw have fun! What lake do you go to?

  2. Gorgeous pictures, they make me wish I was there! :)




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