Hello Monday :: Labor Day

It seems like eons ago when I would dread heading home from the lake only to return to school.  Going from swim suits to jeans & kitchen tables to lunch rooms.  I would dread that first day where I'd have to leaving my nap taking, swimming, & boat riding days to go spend days with notebooks & chalkboards.

As I grew up, I grew out of dreading the start of school.  I loved going to see my friends & more importantly, I loved to learn.  

Labor day marks the end of summer & while I am not going to school any more, this is still a sad (kind of) day.  It is getting cooler out, even as I type this I am wearing one of my fave sweaters, the boat is docked, acorns are falling.  The start of fall is just weeks away.

It's a weird feeling going from school to not going any more.  No more life in semesters, no more breaks...I am not even sure how my year will be divided up!  Do your years get divided up? See I don't even know!

It was weird riding on the boat & being at the lake without the looming threat of school coming just around the bend.  The smell of the lake reminds me of thinking about back to school clothes, notebooks, schedules, teachers, etc.  

So even though I am no longer going from the lake

to lockers

I hope everyone who is going back to school or in college the best of luck this year!  And I hope everyone has a great Labor Day with Family!!!

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