Hello Monday // Do Work

I don't work on Mondays so I try to have that be the time I do laundry, clean up a bit, etc.  Getting up early on that day is really a stress for me since I looooove sleep.  Since I've been getting up early these past few weeks/weekends I thought I'd sleep in a bit today.

Now that I am up, today will be filled with photographing some items for the etsy shop!! I can not WAIT to get With Love Crochet back up & running.  By the end of the day I will have listed probably 5 - 10 items! I am about to start taking pictures here in a moment or two (as soon as I see if I need to charge up my battery!)

I also want to mention that a key part of my morning involves delicious coffee concoctions that I've made.  I highly suggest purchasing this stuff:

Because it makes your coffee delicious.  It also makes it's own foam! It's like, crazy!  Your morning coffee will look amazing:

What are you up to this Monday?

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  1. I'm loving your enthusiasm this Monday morning! Can't wait to see the new items in your shop =)

    xx-Keri (The Botch House)


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