In My Neck of the Woods :: Little Bit of the South

There is an old church down the street that has a corn field right beside it.  I tried to get a picture before of it with the tall stalks beside it but I didn't succeed. Then today when I rode by the stalks were gone!! They'd come through & harvested the corn!

Here's the only image I have so far of the sweet church.  It gave me an excuse to play with PictureShow (read my post on a few cool iphone apps here)

click these images to make them larger!

This church is such an example of the south! A cute little tradition tucked away by a corn field.  I also love how sweet & simple these apps make pictures look.  It reminds me of how instant old polaroids used to be.  I don't have to play around with stuff on the computer to figure it out....it just does it for me!

Hope you have a happy day!

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