Make it Monday: How I Take My Tea

At work we have a coffee/tea station for guests & for employees. 
This is great because I don't have to worry about coffee in the morning & because I get to drink tea!

Recently I've started taking my tea with cream.
I know a lot of people take their tea with milk, but I find the flavored creamers to be delicious.
The best thing about tea is the taste.
I love when there is a hint of it past something else & thats what cream does!
It adds a bit of thickness to the tea & makes it like a little tea flavored dessert!

Here are some other ideas to experiment with your tea this summer:

Ice Cream Tea

(for my mom!)

Iced tea has to be my fave drink for summer too.
I take it good 'ol southern style too - with like 4 cups of sugar!
I love it!

What is your fave summer time drink?
How about your fave start of the day drink?
How do you like your tea?

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1 comment:

  1. I LOVE sun tea! And that ice cream tea looks amazing! Is there a recipe for it, or is it literally just adding ice cream to tea?


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