Sum Up Sundays: Goal Week & a New Challenge

So, Goal week was last week & incase you missed it you can check out all of the posts by clicking here.  Here's an outline of what we learned:

Monday - First, an introduction of what goals are & my 20 before 24 goal book.  Then, Amy from A is for Ampersand showed us how to spruce up a notebook to keep all your goals in.  She also shared with us that she is a list maker to the extreme!

Tuesday - I posted on setting goals & keeping them S.M.A.R.T.  We also saw some cool NOTebooks (notebooks that aren't just notebooks) for this weeks Tempted Tuesday

Wednesday - Megan from Freckled Italian used images from The Wizard of Oz to help us stay positive as we work through our goals!  Then some great DIY's & Buys for Dorm Dec Wednesdays.

Thursday - A post on Staying on Track with some links to create a planner & ways to keep organized.

Friday - To round out Goal Week, Friday's post was on Reaching the Top.  I posted on how sometimes it's more important to learn the lesson of your goal than to achieve it.  Fan Friday's was all about some inspirational & sometimes funny quotes.

In other news, I have found a few jobs....but I don't know which I will take & I have to make sure I can afford the things I need to live.  Like rent, insurance, internet, utilities, gas, food, etc. So I think I've made my last purchase for a very, very long time. This adorable hat:

It was $2 on sale at Claire's.  I recently saw on another blog about going to the thrift store and spending less than $5 (it may have been less).  I think I may be picking up on that little challenge.  I probably won't go every week because I can't afford it but I may set aside a little $2 limit to go to the thrift store for a little pick me up you know.  And if I want to spend more, I'll have to save some over a few weeks. So all in all it would be $8 a month I can spend at the thrift store.  I think in addition to all the money I have to save up...why not start another little something.

I will probably keep track of it all by making a few little envelopes, the old fashioned way.  I really like to keep cash handy these days...just to make sure I know what's going on with my spending!

I keep calculating things out on my calculator just to reassure myself that everything will be fine.  I know it will!! 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Just found your blog from FTLOB. LOVE the design!! And I really love your 20 before 24 list. I have an 11 in 11 that I'm working on so I am totally cheering you on!

    Have a great day!


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