Dorm Dec Wednesday: DIY Detergents

Thinking about moving out of my campus apartment, away from home, & into an apartment with my friend & finding a job that pays for everything has been kind of nerve wracking.
Along with the 'don't spend money unless you have to' mantra I've been saying,
how do I go about paying for the things I do need like food, utilities, rent & not to mention
things you'd rarely think about - laundry detergent & household cleaners?

I've come across some really neat DIY alternatives that work just as good (so the posts say) & cost nearly half! Bonus is you get so much product for so little price!

Here are some cheapo & DIY'd alternatives to your normal products

replaces detergent for your dishwasher

I am excited about trying these alternatives.  I am also interested in replacing household cleaners with their DIY & greener alternatives!

Happy Wednesday!
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