Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Rustic Hippie Inspiration

I am a lover of pattern & texture.  I love the handi crafts of yesteryear & am nostalgic for things I've never seen.  I love the idea of creating something with your hands & being inspired by these processes.
I love things of the past & feel a need to collect things other people have once owned.

I want to fill my house with this combination of craft & art, of pattern & texture, of past & present.

How cool are these woven/macramed wall hangings?

If I had to describe my style in one word it would be nostalgic.
I love those things that you saw every day at your grandmother's house & took for granted.
I like caring for objects.
Sometimes I think objects make who we are.

I feel an addition to my artist statement coming on.

Happy Wednesday!
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