Tempted Tuesday: Smart Phone

Here is a list of reasons why I need (read as want) a smart phone.  Besides the fact that it would be just plain easier:

+ I could look up things I wanted to know in a flash
I wouldn't have to write them down or try to remember
the name of the guy I thought was in that show
that I saw in this movie I watched with that
one person.....get my drift?

+ I wouldn't have to carry a camera, phone, iPod
it'd all be in one place

+ I wouldn't have to tweet pics from my camera phone sans text
I could tweet pics from my smart phone with text

+ I could store my music, notes, reminders, calendars all together
no more "shoot I didn't bring my ipod!" moments

+ I wouldn't have to search for wireless

+ I'd be connected all the time
which is, let's face it, a really bad thing

+ I would only have to hunt for one thing in the morning
and not my keys, wallet, phone, ipod, camera, notebook, blah blah

+ I'd feel really cool in public
not so necessary but I'd still like to be one of those kids

+ I would always know movie times, whats playing on netflix, how to make spinach dip,
where there is a starbucks, how much an item is on amazon,
if I really was standing next to my celebrity crush,
how to defuse a bomb, how to cite in MLA,
the list could go on


+ I may never pick up a book again
and I do like reading

+ I may never date again, or if I did, he'd be looking at his phone
as much as I am looking at mine

+ I'd annoy people with all the random facts I know or by exclaiming
"I can look it up!" over and over again

+ I may become dependent on twitter
I already am

+ I'd never stop to smell the roses

+ I'd never get anything done because I'd be distracted
too many notifications,
the phone is too new,
the phone is too shiny,
the phone can do this too & I didn't even know,
there's a new app for that

+ I wouldn't have my slightly awesome alias 2

So, these are the reasons why I need want or don't need want a smart phone

Hey, if you do have one please leave me comments below.  I'd love to know how you feel about yours.  Is it a savior? or is it a curse? Do you find it glued to your hand more often? Is it pretty much unnecessary?

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hi! I'm a new follower! I would say your pros and cons list are right on. I have an android phone and I absolutely love it. When I first got it, I never put it down. I even annoyed myself with this constant need to check it. They are REALLY handy, though. Especially for looking up directions or if you're waiting somewhere and don't want to be bored. What I've done is leave my phone on silent and keep it in my purse as much as I can. That way I don't constantly check it. Hope this helps!

  2. You totally need this!! I don't know what I would do without mine, fo sho. You can get an app so that you can read books right on your ipod...see...you HAVE to have it now. =)

  3. I may be getting an iPhone soon. Who knows though. Haha I'll probably become unhealthily obsessed with it.



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