Make It Mondays: Wearable Prints

For Christmas, I got a load of craft related books!
A really big assortment too: printmaking, paper crafts, spinning, etc

My favorite were the print books

I can't remember the name of the specific book, but it's about using common things to stamp or print with
Things you wouldn't even think about:
like those little cushions that come with corn pads (for your feet....kinda ew!)
craft foam
Styrofoam meat trays
packing materials
flip flops & soles of other shoes
foam stamps
paper clips & other office supplies
really, if you can hold it & ink it...you can stamp it.

so I took this inspiration from Pinterest:

 And thought since I've seen a lot of bold prints lately, why not apply
the stamp ideas in that book & create some really bold prints!

I love the hand printed geometric look of this.
Here's some more patterns I love from Pinterest

Can you tell I loooove pattern!
Happy Monday!
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  1. Oh the top dress with potato print is super cute! I think I overlook printed onto clothes, but it's so great! It reminds me of when I was in Primary School and we marbled paper with ink and water too, these methods of creating things are underrated!


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