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I've never been the type for make-shift furniture, but as the reality of moving out of my fully furnished campus apartment & into one I have to furnish myself, the idea of extreme DIY furniture keeps popping up.

My point? I've always wanted a cinder block shelf.  Ever since I saw it in a movie & ever since a fellow student & I carved out our own little "mini studio" spaces in the ceramics studio.  She put up a cinder block shelf while our professor helped me build a make shift table with cinder block legs.

Why, you ask? Well, just look at that yellow cinder block.  
Look how damn awesome it looks all dressed up & nothing to hold.


really click that little link...I want the Xray light-box thing!

Part of an under $100 home makeover challenge

How awesome are those blocks!

I've also seen a cinder block & plywood bed frame before.
I'd so do that too!

It would make it so much better if I found all these supplies...but I guess buying them would be ok.  I'll try to find them :)

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