Fan Fridays: Primitive Prints

I love when spring pops it's little head out of the beginning of March.  I love the cool breezes & warm sunshine and I really love not having to wear a god awfully heavy winter coat! I always feel so constrained!

I love Spring because I love layers (it's the same love affair I have with fall).  Summer is too hot to even stand wearing clothes sometimes!  My love affair with spring is starting off on the right foot with graphic prints tribal prints on sweaters!

It all started on twitter when @pamplemousse83 gave a sneak peak of her Wardrobe Wednesday
& I realized we had the same sweater from forever 21:

This one just like it is on sale at F21 online 
(if you're a teeny tiny small, buy it!)

Now all I want is to have my closet filled with printed sweaters.

totally click through the links!
found via MouseVoxVintage's flickr

Great little blog for vintage mommas & all around inspiration!

Do a google search also & you'll be drooling over all the printed sweaters!


What is your new favorite spring wardrobe?  Don't you just love rediscovering items in your closet!


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1 comment:

  1. Ah! You have that same sweater than Maryam :) I was already drooling over it in her blog and promised to go and snatch it one night ;) Now I have to options! Hih!

    xxx mervi

    Ps. I still haven't started my lists... boo. The weekend was too short and eventful. Maybe next week! :)


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