Fan Fridays: 90's Style

I've been watching a show on Netfilx called 
My So Called Life
with Claire Danes as a teenager.
It's all agnsty & kinda reminds me of Degrassi with less characters, 
a darker Boy Meets World,
and is pretty much how I thought my life was in high school.

My life really wasn't like her's in high school but it sure felt like it.
I felt like I didn't fit in, but also that I was super cool.
That my parents didn't understand & only friends really knew what it was like.
You know, all that teenage knowledge.

Needless to say, I love the show!
I also love all the plaid/grunge going around.
I swear the main character wore 3 different plaids in on outfit!
Love it!

90's Style from My So Called Life

I can't believe tomorrow is Saturday.
I can not wait until I am not busy any more.
I really want to get back to doing tutorials & real blogging.
not just posting things that I like that sort of mean nothing.....

And I'd also like a job...thanks
Happy Friday!

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  1. OMG! I love My so called life! That's the BEST show ever! Thanks for the reminder! I'll have to dig out some DVD's so I can have a little My so called life marathon!

    xox mervi

    Happy weekend love!

  2. i was so sad when this was canceled! I can't believe how young they look!

  3. I used to watch that too - good memories!


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