Why I'd like to work for Free People

Second to working at Claire's I would absolutely love to work for Free People.  You probably already know this from here, here, & here.  I adore Free People.

I'd love to be on there visual display team & create an awesome experience when you walk into the store.  But let me tell you, I'd love to be on their blogging team so I can turn leftovers into awesomeness. Just look what is available for them to create with:

images from here

They took this:

To this:

Can you believe those resources? Look at all those leftover quilts from one of their store displays.  All of them were antique from India.

I'd love to have crazy resources to make things with.  This DIY is perfect for embellishing a planner, calendar, or where you are stashing your goals for this year.  Pin fabric swatches or DIY lists.  Man, I guess I am going to have to go make some!

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