Make It Mondays: DIY Faux Woodgrain #2 - Vanity Tray

I am still totally in love with my woodgrain contact paper.  I was over at a friends house the other night & not only did I find a needle point portrait of a man with a mustache & a kitty but I found a really cute vanity tray.  It was gold with a mirror in the bottom.  It looked kinda like this:

I knew I needed one! But let me tell you, I don't need anything else in my bathroom in my apartment so I couldn't see going out & searching thrift stores for one.  It stuck it the back of my head for a while but then I realized I had some divided lunch trays & some of the wood grain contact paper.  I got these trays my freshman year of college when I worked at a party supply store.  I thought they'd be cute to use in my little dorm room as dishes!  I bought them in three colors: orange, lime green, & blue.  After moving into an apartment, I stored them away at my parents house & really haven't thought twice about what to do with them.  I loved them so much & I am so glad I could give them new life!

What you need:
Contact paper, tray, paper to make a template, pencil, scissors

start off by making paper templates for the divided parts in the tray.  I cut a piece of paper big enough to press down in the divided parts.  I ran my fingernail around the edge to push it down into the part to make it fit.  Then I just cut around the indentation.  The hardest one was the long one.  Make sure that your paper fits back in the way you want so the contact paper with fit that way too.

Trace your templates on the back of the contact paper.  Make sure you flip the template over when you trace it so it fits in the right spot.  I used the corner piece twice since they are just mirror images of each other.  Take the cut contact paper & make sure it fits how you want it.

Remove the backing & press the contact paper down on the tray.  This is the hardest & tedious part!  The good thing is you can remove & reposition it a bit because the tray is plastic.

I cut out a little heart of a contrasting contact paper because I thought it was adorable!

Then stick it in your bathroom or vanity! We have a huge side counter part in the bathroom at my parent's house so thats where I staged it.  I think it would also look great on the back of your toilet for candles & lotions.  You could even use one of the sections to put your rings/bracelets if you forget to take them off when you get in the shower.  Just don't knock the tray in the toilet!!

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  1. Love this - I wish I'd bought cute stuff when I was in college that had potential to be transformed... into something more than just a makeshift sled or firewood!

  2. really awesome idea!! the bright orange looks great.


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