Lifestyle Idea: How to Keep a Book Open

You know when your sitting on the beach tanning, reading that romance novel & trying to keep the pages open forcing you to lay in an uncomfortable position? Or perhaps you are cooking a delicious meal from one of your mother's or grandmother's old cook books struggling to keep the pages open so as not to serve a horrible dish like Rachel's catastrophe on Friends?

I stumbled upon a clever idea today from Bloomize on keeping a book open to the right page:

using a flexible curler, cable twist tie, & a piece of craft wire.

I like the look of the curler.  It's so funny!
For a cleaner & cuter look, cover the wire with a bit of ribbon:
Visit the original post on Bloomize inspired by a discovery of another product that twists & holds. 
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  1. I don't know if it's just me, but the pics aren't showing up, just red Xs. :( This sounds like a great idea though, just having trouble visualizing it.


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