Fan Fridays: Stamps

I was checking up on one of my favorite blogs, Free People blog, today & saw this funny diy:

One of the Free People stores wrapped some of their pens for an event.  Read the post here.

When my sister and I were little we used to wrap pens in embroidery floss.  I loved those pens!  These are super simple & what makes them neat is the not-so-serious yarn wrapping.  Take a pen in one hand, yarn in the other, & wrap! Tie it off & wrap some more! 
This weeks Fan Fridays is about my personal collection of stamps.  I rarely use them but I adore having them :) Most are from the Martha Stewart line at Wal-Mart & I only buy them when they are on sale.  I added a few to my collection last night while out to wally world and thought I would share all of mine with you:

I love stamps! I don't know if they numbers are really needed......but anyway
  1. Flowers, everything looks good with a little floral.  These are the stamps I used on my necklace display here.
  2. Tags are neat! I am thinking if i find some cool card stock with a neat design I can stamp some of these on and cut them out for some unique gift giving 
  3. I don't have any fonts in stamps so these are the ones I added from shopping yesterday
  4. Who doesn't need squiggle do-dads? I bought these yesterday (sale of course) too.
  5. I love these butterflies! I want to stamp them on everything!
  6. Finally, I think I love these birds equally as much as I love the butterflies.  I haven't used them yet, I dunno what to put them on. hmmm....

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  1. Stamps are so pretty...I used to have a ton of them but after several moves I only have a few left...I used to use all mine with snail mail...but how often does anyone use that these days...I miss a good letter!!!


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