Fan Fridays: No Trash Lunch

When I think of being eco-friendly, I always thought in the broader sense, tracing lines of sustainability back to companies, etc.  When I see all the eco-friendly or recycled things in shops I think "Well, now how did that get there? oh yeah, it came on a diesel truck wrapped in plastic & stuffed with Styrofoam!" (Don't get me started on Styrofoam...I hate that stuff!)  And I thought who is it to tell me to be sustainable when the companies advertising these items don't seem to be themselves? Well, I've changed my thoughts now.  It's not just about every little thing it's about one little thing. There's nothing wrong with choosing to not support the sustainable efforts that are coming off wrong but there is something wrong with choosing not to be sustainable for yourself, your lifestyle, & your family.  That may sound selfish, but these efforts often improve the home first.  I rarely give into fads just because someone does it or because everyone is doing it or because it's the cool thing to do.  I love the things I love because, well, I find them interesting and it just so happens that I've begun to find the things I can do at home to reduce consumption interesting because I know they will put pennies back in my wallet.
So this school year, I want to do a few things to save myself some money & be a bit more sustainable:
  1. I plan on bringing snacks or drinks in my purse that are in reusable containers.  I will not buy cookies/chips/granola individually wrapped nor will I purchase them from vending machines.  I will use my  reusable water bottle instead of purchasing bottled water.
  2. I want to say that I will not buy any more coffee from coffee shops, but that may be harder to do.  I do have a coffee cup with a top that I use when I make my own (which is nearly every morning) but do you think they will refill my cup? I don't want to have to buy one of their cups, you know?
  3. Thirdly, I will try  to buy only what I need at the grocer.  Usually I am just like, "Hmmmmm...this looks good." and it never gets used.  I don't have much time to prepare fresh foods either, which is horrible.
  4. And, this may gross you out, I love the idea of reusable menstrual pads.  They are made of soft cotton fabric on one side, a thick yet slim layer of absorbent material, & backed with a waterproofed material.  I think these are great inventions!
I've compiled a few etsy shops featuring reusable products that are cute & logically useful: 

A big part of being sustainable/eco-friendly, to me, is buying & supporting handmade.  I encourage all you you if you are taking an eco-friendly pledge to either make your own from scraps you already have or buy from small handmade businesses.  It's just nice to support your trade & to support the handmade community.
  1. First are these great dryer balls to eliminate the use of dryer sheets in the dryer.  You can find these & other colors in Clean Sypria's etsy shop.
  2. Second are the reusable menstrual pads mentioned above.  This gnome one from Punkys Pads' shop is made for heavy flow or overnight.  Searching on etsy, I found ones that range from light to heavy & overnight so you are covered (get it? see what I did there?) 
  3. This cute lemon-y snack buddy from Circus Peanuts is perfect for half of a sandwich or a small snack.  This bright pattern will keep you cheery all year round too!
  4. This decorative bottle is a re purposed wine bottle painted with non toxic paint & then covered with hand punched (can you believe it?!?!) blue circles.  You can find this gem & a load more in Greencycle Designs shop.
  5. Finally is this sandwich bag from OYCreations Too.  This bag is made from pretty fabric & (get this) fused plastic bags as the liner! How cool is that? It is sealed with a strip of velcro so crumbs don't escape.  I love this shop because each item is made by senior citizens from recycled fabrics found at estate sales & thrift stores.
I am in no way claiming that I will be perfect at all of these things but I know that change is what makes it stick so I am giving it more than the good college try...I am going to do it!

If you've taken some steps to improve your eco-friendly efforts please share them.  What have you changed to reduce your consumption?  Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for showcasing our pretty little shop and the reusable sandwich/snack bags. Mom (83) just loves to sew and I found a way to make the liner out of "throw away" plastic bags that I iron (fuse), sanitize and cut for her to make into many things. Yes, we try to use as much "unwanted and unclaimed fabrics" (small amounts that others would throw away) found at estate sales and thrift shops. That is how we keep our prices as low as possible, don't try to make much of a profit, as it helps keep her busy and active.
    Thanks again for featuring her shops in your great blog.
    Thomas & Arlene

  2. Loving the yellow! So summery :) I design too and I found you through NFF! Would love for you to stop by and see what I've been designing too!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

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