Back from Vacay!

These few days have been restful. I've spent some quality time with the friends & the fam & am now ready to get back to work.  I've been drinking the coffee recipe from last week's Make it Monday all week except for today when my sister & I went to the fabric store & passed a Dunkin Donuts.  Their coffee is the best in town. No lie!

Heres what's going to go down for Make it Monday this week:

  1. First are these cool fringe necklaces made from old tee shirts on Love Maegan.  I've got some old shirts dying to be remade & worn.  I think they are sick of seeing the inside of a dresser!
  2. This is a great way to reuse old bottles & I have the perfect one! This tutorial is from Apartment Therapy.  Take everyday interesting bottles & make them display worthy.
  3. Finally, this origami mobile inspiration from Green Laundry.  I love origami garland & mobiles so this is something I am excited to try!
Have you made anything from the ideas from Make it Mondays? Share it here & comment on the original blog, I am sure they are dying to hear from you!

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