Tempted Tuesdays: Frames

Have you seen these frames? Have you fallen in love with them?

I've seen them in Target & TJ Maxx (I almost bought a few from the Maxx, but restrained myself) but I figured I could make it.  I thought about thrifting frames but the other day I stumbled upon this one at the Dollar Tree.

I love it the way it is, but I imagine that you can paint it & distress it.  I am not quite ready to paint mine but here's how I'd do it:

gathered some acrylic paint in a bright color, a brush, &  frame.  Paint, paint, paint, & allow to dry.  Thin down some brown acrylic paint with water.  Liberally brush the thinned down paint on then wipe it off with a paper towel to give it a glazed look.  If you have some of that nifty antiquing glaze, that would work too.

Cool eh? Same as the inspiration pictures? I think it's better.

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1 comment:

  1. I LOVE these frames too! I definitely don't need anymore--but I CAN'T resist every time I walk by one on sale at Ross or TJ Maxx :)


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